04 July 2013

Installation - Stowage Net

I just bought an original Mercedes-Benz Stowage Net Accessories last week, I've been looking for this stuff since last 2 years, finally I can purchase it from online seller located in Magelang, Central Java for about IDR 550,000. I will describe its specification and installation process in my W202 as bellow.

Original Part Number : B67650000
Applicable for : C, E, S, SL, and G-Klasse 

Parts Included :

1. Stowage Net
2. Screw (5 pcs)
3. Clip (5 pcs)
4. Nut (5 pcs)

Please ensure you have this tools handy with you to proceed.

The stowage net can be installed on 3 different positions, it depends on your preference and the type of car you have. For example, it can be installed by :

1. Attaching it to side carpeting in front passenger seat position
2. Attaching it on below instrument panel (please consider you have to make 4-5 holes, so think twice)
3. Attaching it to knee bolster

For C-Klasse, the options is only possible for number 1 and 3, so I choose option 1 

And here we go ... net positioning and measurement, please match the direction on left image with table on the right image.

It should be like this, then complete ... It is simple, but during the installation, I get help from my mechanic to do so ... Let the experienced one complete the job !

Below are the snaps during the installation on my C-Klasse 

Before :

In Progress :

Completed :

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